July 8th- August 2nd, 2024 *limited availability



Read past student's transformations below and click on each image to see their celebrations! 🙂

Deven (4th grade): Deven, a soon-to-be 5th grader with a basketball genius, arrived at the Summer Accelerator Program with a different kind of challenge: mastering math. While his mind could navigate complex plays on the court, fractions and decimals left him feeling out of bounds. But in just 4 weeks, Deven's transformation was a slam dunk! We tapped into Deven's passion for basketball, weaving in drills and analogies to make math concepts come alive. Decimals became free throws, fractions were like dividing up the court, and metric conversions turned into strategizing winning plays. Deven's parents were incredible partners, cheering him on and celebrating every victory, big or small. Together, we built Deven's skills and confidence, watching him conquer decimals, fractions, metric conversions, and even word problems! The most rewarding moment? Seeing Deven's frustration fade, replaced by a genuine excitement for math. He started looking for math connections in everyday life, turning the world into his personal court!
Siva (2nd grade) & Leela (Kinder): Siva and Leela arrived at the summer accelerator program facing different challenges. Siva struggled with reading comprehension, while Leela was just starting her literacy journey. But by the end of the program, their transformation was remarkable. Siva rocketed ahead a full grade level in reading! Engaging activities and a focus on breaking down complex concepts helped him grasp reading fluency with newfound confidence. Leela, who initially faced the hurdles of learning to read, blossomed with the program's interactive approach. Playful learning techniques unlocked her potential, and she proudly started constructing sentences and reading simple texts. Both Siva and Leela not only improved their reading and writing skills but also saw their vocabulary soar by over 70 words each. This summer program empowered them to tackle the new school year with a newfound thirst for knowledge and the tools to succeed.
Emily (2nd grade): Meet Emily, a bright young mind entering 3rd grade. Though a natural genius, Emily found herself struggling in traditional learning environments. Frustrated with challenges in writing, phonics, reading, and vocabulary, she wasn't reaching her full potential. That's when Emily's parents enrolled her in our Summer Accelerator Program. In just 4 weeks, the transformation was remarkable! By tapping into Emily's genius for drawing and painting, we created a fun and engaging learning experience. Fidget toys and other hands-on activities kept her focused and enthusiastic. Witnessing Emily's artistic talents shine through learning exercises unlocked her potential. Suddenly, writing wasn't a chore, it became a canvas for her creativity. Phonics transformed into a code to crack, opening doors to new words. Reading became a thrilling adventure, and vocabulary expanded exponentially.
Sophia (1st grade): Sophia, a bright and energetic soon-to-be 2nd grader, was ready for a summer of fun. But her parents, wise as ever, knew the importance of keeping those little academic muscles engaged. They enrolled her in the Summer Accelerator Program, and the results were phenomenal! In just 4 weeks, Sophia transformed from a summer coast-er to a confident learner! We tapped into Sophia's inner rockstar (think dancing!), channeling her creative energy into engaging writing exercises. Stories flowed from her pen like never before! Reading comprehension became an exciting adventure, with colorful paintings helping her visualize characters and scenes. Fidget toys kept her focused, and board games turned vocabulary and sight word practice into a playful competition. Suddenly, reading fluency soared, and Sophia devoured books with newfound confidence. The most rewarding part? Seeing the sparkle in Sophia's eyes as she mastered new skills. Not only did she prevent summer slide, but she actually took a leap forward in her academic journey.
Elizabeth (Kinder grade): Elizabeth, a bright-eyed adventurer on the cusp of 1st grade, embarked on a remarkable journey in the Summer Accelerator Program. While she possessed a natural "genius" for outdoor play, the world of literacy seemed a distant land. But in just 4 weeks, Elizabeth's transformation was nothing short of incredible! Through playful activities like water balloon phonics races, board game sight word battles, and drawing stories with vibrant paints, Elizabeth embraced the world of reading and writing. Her imagination became a springboard for learning, with fidget toys keeping her focused and hands-on activities fueling her curiosity. Phonemic awareness skills blossomed, phonics transformed into a secret code, and sight words became familiar friends. Writing skills flourished, and by the program's end, Elizabeth, the once non-reader, was confidently tackling eight books independently! The most rewarding part? Witnessing Elizabeth go from feeling frustrated to confident in reading!
Tyler (5th grade): Tyler, on his way to 6th grade, wasn't alone. Pandemic learning left many adrift in a sea of computer screens, struggling to grasp foundational math skills. The spark was missing, replaced by confusion and a growing sense of being lost. That's where the Summer Accelerator Program stepped in, and in just 4 weeks, Tyler's transformation was nothing short of remarkable! Gone were the days of frustration staring at a screen. In-person, 1:1 support provided the personalized attention Tyler craved. Fractions, once a tangled web of numbers, became a puzzle waiting to be solved. Word problems, previously an enigma, transformed into exciting challenges. Measurement conversions, a confusing jumble, became a recipe for success (literally!). The most rewarding part? Witnessing Tyler's "aha" moments, his confidence blossoming with each new skill mastered. Baking, the grand finale of the program, allowed him to apply his newfound knowledge in a delicious way. Those cupcakes? A testament to his hard work and a symbol of his sweet victory over math anxiety. But the biggest win wasn't on the baking sheet, it was in Tyler's mind. His perspective shifted. Math, once a foe, became a friend – a puzzle to be tackled head-on, not a guessing game. Now, when confronted with a problem, his eyes light up with the thrill of the challenge.

Here what parents have to say:

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Rebecca is passionate at what she does and you can tell by her dedication, patience and love for helping children learn!
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We have seen dramatic improvement in his writing skills as well as his math, notably fractions and decimals.
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MISS REBECCA IS AN ANGEL!! where do I begin... our 9yo fourth grader was struggling, reading at a 3rd grade level.. disorganized.. just really hated homework-- I needed help! he and i would argue when homework time came, and I didn't want to have him hate school or me or reading.. I had to find help.. we tried multiple tutors prior to Miss Rebecca. They never worked because there was zero consistency.. and they were so boring.. just didn't help my cause.. he ended up even more bored, discouraged.. finally, I Google searched "teaching coach".. I needed someone to teach him how to build his confidence, to build his learning foundation so that he would want to learn, because he now knew how!! and found Miss Rebecca. she was patient, and quickly learned his learning style and found ways to keep him engaged and confident and we could see immediate improvement and after our time with miss Rebecca he is now reading at a 5th grade level and his writing has improved so much. he went from a C student to an A and is now equipped with confidence and ability.. it's really exciting to see his growth! we thank you so much, Miss Rebecca!! We honestly could not have done it without you! highly recommended!!
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I highly recommend Intelli-G. Rebecca is the owner/coach for our 10 year old son and she has done wonders with him. We have seen dramatic improvement in his writing skills as well as his math, notably fractions and decimals. Rebecca is very organized, punctual, and effective. My son's grades/test scores have improved significantly! Thanks again Rebecca!!
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If you're looking for an academic coach/ tutor who is not only knowledgeable but also caring, fun, and able to create a positive learning environment, I highly recommend Ms. Rebecca. She is, without a doubt, one of the best out there. My daughter had been struggling with reading and I'm so glad we found Ms. Rebecca to help. From the very beginning, Ms. Rebecca showed a genuine passion for teaching and a deep understanding of how to help students. In just a few months of working with Ms. Rebecca, my daughter was able to master letter sounds, blending of the words, and reading. Her confidence in reading and writing soared significantly and she even received her first reading award at school during her time working with Ms. Rebecca What sets Ms. Rebecca apart is her ability to make every session so fun and engaging. She has a unique talent for keeping kids motivated and excited about learning. My daughter always looked forward to her sessions with Ms. Rebecca. We are immensely grateful for Ms. Rebecca's dedication and expertise in helping my daughter overcome her reading challenges.


If you’re ready to set your child up for sucess once the new school year starts then I’d be honored to work with you!

To recap: the Summer Accelerator Program runs from July 8th- August 2nd, 2024 (4 weeks) and your child will have their own dedicated time slot with me.

I’ll meet with them IN-PERSON, 5 times per week during those dates and we’ll follow a personalized lesson plan. I’ll also provide a weekly communication log and homework to reinforce skills learned during our coaching sessions.

*Please note: spots are limited


July 8th – August 2nd: Four weeks, five times per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday).

Academic Coaching is fun and exciting! 🙂 Communicate to your child how I will be coming to support them in their academics and teach them skills to feel more confident in academic subjects they are struggling in.

  • Ensure they eat and use the restroom before our session
  • Prepare a quiet study space for us to work (e.g. dining room table, kitchen, office, etc.). I will bring all of the materials necessary for our session, including print-outs, paper, and pencil. If any of their toys will be needed for our lessons, I’ll communicate that to you beforehand.
Schedule a zoom consultation via the calendar link.
I will not issue any refunds as a result of canceling or changing your mind on the Summer Accelerator Program. No exceptions, sorry.
Ensure your child is available for their dedicated time slot that is booked. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer changes in the schedule. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

The Summer Accelerator program includes 20 sessions and each session is 50 minutes.

You will have access to a daily communication log and homework will be listed there.

A computer-based assessment will be provided during the 1st and 18th session.

A 30-minute meeting will be scheduled with you to discuss your child’s overall progress once your child has completed the program.
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