Gabriel, 5th grade

Gabriel started with INTELLI-G in October 2017, needing further assistance in reading, writing, and math. Gabriel is in a 50:50 Dual Language Immersion Program model since kindergarten, where he is instructed in Spanish 50% of the day and instructed in English 50% of the day.
During the initial interview with Dad and Gabriel, Dad told us Gabriel lacked motivation in school due to having multiple substitute teachers. Knowing this, the tutor chosen for Gabriel had to earn his trust and ensure there was consistency.
Based on the results of the interview and assessment, INTELLI-G created a learning plan to best fit Gabriel’s needs and interests. During our interview Gabriel indicated he only read comic books because they were easy to read. Gabriel only felt comfortable reading short stories and needed to be challenged to step out of his comfort zone. INTELLI-G challenged Gabriel to read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, a book completely out of Gabriel’s comfort zone. Gabriel completed reading Hatchet and received a 9/10 on his AR test! Gabriel even took it a step further and completed a full 5 paragraph essay for extra credit. Way to go Gabriel!

When it came to math, Gabriel dreaded the first sight of fractions. He used to automatically say he couldn’t do a fraction problem, without even giving it a try. After coming up with math rhymes and games, Gabriel’s mindset changed and he now says ‘I got this!’ Good job Gabriel!
Gabriel’s confidence level has soared tremendously in both academics and in his self-esteem. Gabriel went from 1’s and 2’s on his report card to 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. INTELLI-G is so proud of Gabriel.

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