Victor, 2nd grade

Victor started with INTELLI-G in December 2017 with a 380 Lexile reading score. His parents were considering holding him back to first grade. His parents reached out to INTELLI-G and we conducted an assessment. Based on the assessment and the interview with Victor, I advised his parents to let us work with him over the winter break on a daily basis to see if we could improve his reading score before we made the decision of holding him back. After 3 weeks, Victor went back to school to take another Lexile reading test and he scored a 733! This placed him in the Advanced Proficient reading level. Way to go Victor! Victor always had the genius of reading within him. However, the only thing missing, was engagement. After identifying his learning style and customizing the lesson plans to fit his interests, Victor became engaged and his reading level soared. Victor just finished reading Charlotte’s Web and scored a 9/10 on his reading test.

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